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Shaniah Paige caught song fever  at a young age seizing every opportunity to perform in local theater productions.  At 15, she began working with Multi Platinum Music Producer Andrew Lane (High School Musical, Hannah Montana) .  Collaborating with Lane and KC Brown, their first song written together was about Shaniah's hometown of Roseville, Illinois. The single resulted in a prestigious nomination for a Hollywood Music in Media Award.  Shaniah has since added two more nominations to her list of songwriting success.

Shaniah has been performing regionally in Illinois/Iowa along with South East performances in Nashville.Nashville was the obvious choice in Shaniah’s musical journey when her talent for songwriting became apparent. Coming to Nashville on a regular basis, she continues to hone her songwriting skills, working with notable songwriters and recording her indie country pop inspired music with Beaird Music Group and multi-grammy award winner Larry Beaird 

Her passion for songwriting coupled with her heart stopping live performances has made her one to watch for in the world of  indie and country music.   In May 2016 Shaniah Paige signed a management/recording contract with Heart Songs Records.

In May 2016 Shaniah was named Fresh New Face of Country Music by Renegade Radio Nashville.  She performed at CMA Fest  at showcases for Renegade Radio Nashville and also opened for Stella Parton at BB Kings Nashville.  

Shaniah is also a proud Heart Songs for Veterans Song Ambassador, Guest Co-host of Project Lips Radio and a correspondent for the Project Lips Web Series. 

Shaniah released a new single "Be Somebody" in December 2016 .  She will release her EP during the Fall of 2017.   


A Note from shaniah - June 2014

The Beginning of My Journey


Hey Everyone!  If you’re reading this message you may or may not know about my dreams to pursue performing, songwriting, acting, or anything Music! I am 16 and from a small town in Illinois called Roseville, which also happens to be the name of my first single that you can find on iTunes.

I love hanging out with my crazy friends, talking about boys, watching Disney movies, bunnies, and the number 2.  That’s why my Twitter is ShaniahPaige2, not just a number for me but a number that seems to follow me and show up at random times.

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to follow my dreams in music. I spend a lot of time in Nashville performing, songwriting, learning new things, and meeting cool people.

I’ve had the most amazing experiences in Nashville and have made some really good friends that share my interest in songwriting and performing. I also have people back home who talk to me about music wondering how they can get on the same track as me. It makes me smile knowing that even at this butterfly stage, I still inspire people.  For me, writing a song is my chance to get out my thoughts and feelings and tell a story that anyone can relate to.

I hope that my songwriting can inspire and encourage anyone to reach for the stars and know that if I can live my dream, so can you! Plus, songwriting is so fun!

I look at the friendships I’ve formed in Nashville and see that these people are just living their dream too. And they all have different music that makes listening to them so fun.  Take my good friend, Brendan Mayer, he’s just a regular guy that through his songwriting and performing is now up on stage with Jimmy Buffett!

It makes me see that anything’s possible! And working hard puts your goal on a roller coaster going up. Deep down, I’m just a regular girl, cutting up with my friends, and goofing off. I mean you always got to have fun.  You can check out my Twitter and Instagram for those silly moments. They may even make you laugh so hard you start to cry like I would. Haha

Thanks for joining me on the journey and helping me make everything possible, keep in touch!

Love, Shaniah

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