Shaniah Paige caught music fever at a young age, a life path prophesized by her parents who named her after Country music star Shania Twain. Seizing every opportunity to perform in local theater productions in her home town of Monmouth, IL, Shaniah fortified her passion and, at the age of 15, began working with Multi-Platinum Music Producer Andrew Lane (High School Musical, Hannah Montana), who helmed her first few singles.

In short order, she had put a band together and canvased the Illinois/Iowa region along with South East performances in Nashville. She began returning to Nashville on a regular basis, honing her songwriting skills with industry heavyweights and recording her new country-inspired pop with multi-Grammy award winner Larry Beaird at Beaird Music Group.

Her relatable and catchy songwriting, coupled with a nuanced live performance, quickly made her one to watch for in the world of country pop. In May 2016, Shaniah was named Fresh New Face of Country Music by Renegade Radio Nashville, performed at CMA Fest and opened for Stella Parton at BB Kings Nashville. Later that year she signed a management/recording contract with Heart Songs Records. While all this was falling into place, Shaniah became a full-time college student. She tackled the workload with her signature exuberance, balancing her studies with tours of other colleges, theaters and vineyards, opening for national acts such as Granger Smith, Love and Theft, Walker McGuire, and Morgan Wallen.

Shaniah’s newest single “Mysterious Boy” was written in the wake of her transition to college life. “When I began classes, there was a boy I instantly had a crush on” she coyly admits. “I could not figure out what his name was for the longest time, and it was driving me crazy!” She channeled her insistence on unmasking this mysterious boy into a bubbly tongue-in-cheek single, indicative of Paige’s down to earth accessibility and a clear signpost in her transition from Country into the world of Teen Pop.

“Mysterious Boy” accompanying music video is due out November 14th and her

EP "Last Year" Releases February 23, 2018.



Hollywood Music in Media Awards – Hollywood, CA

-Nomination for Country Song – “Roseville” Nomination for Music Video Roseville”

Selected to Play at MiniPro Mixer HMMA – The Redbury Hotel – Hollywood, CA

TeenFaces Magazine Fall Cover – Artist Spotlight

Premiere Alumni Celebrity Guest – Disney World- Orlando, FL


Hollywood Music in Media Awards – Hollywood, CA

Nomination for Country Song – “One of The Guys”

Selected to Play at MiniPro Mixer HMMA – The Redbury Hotel – Hollywood, CA

 WQAD TV Artist of the Week

Paula Sands Live TV – Artist Spotlight

Premiere Alumni Celebrity Guest – Disney World – Orlando, FL


Hollywood Music in Media Awards – Hollywood, CA 

Nomination for Acoustic Single – “The Jokes on Me”

Selected to Play at MiniPro Mixer HMMA – The Redbury Hotel – Hollywood, CA

Josie Show Award Nomination – Female Rising Star

Renegade Radio Nashville - Fresh New Faces of Country Music



Fresh Face of Country Music:  Renegade Radio Nashville

2017 HMMA Award Nomination "Songwriter of the Year - Darlin Karlen"

Shaniah Signs with Working Brilliantly PR Firm (LA/Atlanta)

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Tour DAtes 2015-2016


Jan 19 - Illinois County Fair Showcase, IL

Jan 26 - Market Alley Wines, Monmouth, IL

Feb 3 - Lipsticked Pig,  Rushville, IL

Mar 30 - WQUD 105.5 Vintage Radio

Apr 14 - Cactus Country, Galesburg, IL

April 27 - The Nook, Beardstown, IL

May 11 - Olive Wine, Burlington, IA

June 2 - Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL

June 3 - Lakehill Winery, Carthage, IL

June 15 - Market Alley Wines, Monmouth, IL

July 21 - Evandy's Boatel, Naples, IL

July 28 - Fireside Winery, Marengo, IA

Aug 15 - Market Alley Music Days, Monmouth, IL

Oct 26 - Market Alley Wines, Monmouth, IL


Feb 17 - Olive Wine Bar-Burlington, IA

Feb 24 - Cactus Country, Galesburg, IL

Mar 11 - WIAR Fundraiser, Monmouth, IL

Mar 18 - Promises for Paula Benefit Private Event

Mar 25 - Ike's Riverfront Tavern, Dallas City, IL

April 1 - Relay For Life, Monmouth, IL

April 2, Ike's Riverfront Tavern, Dallas CIty, IL

April 23 - Big Horse Tavern, Lewiston, IL

May 6 - Kicking It Country, Monmouth, IL

May 19 - Q Casino, Dubuque, IA (Opening for Morgan Wallen)

May 27 - Snake Alley Festival, Burlington, IA

June 3 -  RIDRS,  Rock Island, IL  

June 8th - 11th CMA Festival, Nashville, TN

June 17 - Wide River Winery, East Davenport, IA

June 24th - Kirkwood Days, Kirkwood, IA

June 25th - Lake Hill Winery, Carthage. IL

July 1 -   Ike's Riverfront Tavern, Dallas City, IL

July 30 - Fireside Winery, Marendo, IA

Aug 5 - Ike's Riverfront Tavern, Dallas City, IL

Aug 9 - Market Alley Days, Monmouth, IL

August 11 - Wide River Winery, LeClaire, IA

Aug 13th - Big Horse Tavern, Lewiston, IL

Sept 10th - Lake Hill Winery, Carthage, IL

Sept 16 - Country Bluegrass Festival, Dallas CIty, IL

Oct 20 - Buchanan Center for the Arts, Monmouth, IL

Oct 26 - Ramsey Anoka College, Cambridge, MN

Nov 24 - Storm Shelter Pub, Avon, IL

Dec 16 - Olive Wine, Burlington, IA

Oct 26 - Ramsey Anoka College, Cambridge, MN

Nov 24 - Storm Shelter Pub, Avon, IL

Dec 16 - Olive Wine, Burlington, IA




Aug 20 – Private Block Party – Monmouth, Il

Aug 14 – Maquon Homecoming – Maquon, IL

Aug 11- The Office Hangout – Spring Hill, TN

Aug 10 – Market Alley Days – Monmouth, IL

Jul 28 – Gladstone Homecoming – Gladstone, IL

Jul 24 – Lake Hill Winery – Carthage, IL

Jul 16 – DuWayne Brooks Music Festival- Monmouth, IL

Jul 15 – Cactus Country – Galesburg, IL

Jun25 – Geneseo Brewing Co. – Geneseo, IL

Jun 14- Tootsie’s – Nashville, TN

Jun11- Nashville Street Tacos

Jun11 – The Stillery

Jun 10- Two Bits

Jun 4 – SOHO Music Festival – Springfield, IL

May 13- Cactus Country – Galesburg, IL

May 8- Fireside Winery- Marengo, IA

Apr 27- Fat Fish Pub – Galesburg, IL

Apr 15 – Rocket Tap – Lewistown, IL

Apr 2 – Relay for Life – Monmouth, IL

Mar 31- The Redstone Room- Opening for Hailey Whitters – Davenport, IA

Mar 25- RiverTown Coffee and Wine – Beardstown, IL

Mar 4- Mile88 – Beardstown, IL – Full Band

Feb 27 – The Outskirts – Macomb, IL – Full Band

Feb 24- Fat Fish Pub – Galesburg, IL

Jan 30- Homers House – Roseville, IL  - Full Band

Jan 15 – Vintages Tasting Room – Galesburg, IL



Dec 11- Eastside Bar – Virginia, IL

Nov 20 – Mile88 – Beardstown, OL

Nov 12 – The Redbury- Hollywood, CA

Oct 10 – Evandy’s Boatel – Naples, IL

Sep 19 – East Side Bar – Virginia, IL

Aug 22 – Flatland Jam – Macomb, IL – Full Band

Aug 15 – The Back Road Music Festival- Galva, IL – Full Band

Aug 8 – The Washington – Burlington, IA

Jul 24 – RiverTown Coffee & Wine – Beardstown, IL

Jul 17 – Muscatine County Fair – West Liberty, IA – Opening Granger Smith

Jul 11- Relay for Life

Jun 27 – The Outskirts – Macomb, IL – opening for Adam Sanders

May 29 – The Outskirts – Macomb, IL – opening for Brian Davis

May 25 – Evandys Boatel – Naples, IL

May 22 – opening for Mike Tramp – Ottawa, IL

May 15 – East Side Bar – Virginia, IL

Apr 3- The Outskirts – opening for Walker McGuire – Macomb, IL

Mar 21 – Honor Flight – Monmouth, IL

Mar 14 – Mile 88 – Beardstown, IL

Feb 28 – Pioneer Club – Kewanee, IL

Feb 13 – The Clubhouse – Peoria, IL




Shaniah's Set List (Covers ONLY)

She performs approximately 15 original songs during her sets

  1. Dibs – Kelsea Ballerini

  2. Shut Up and Fish – Maddie & Tae

  3. Make You Smile – Elle King

  4. In the Name of Love – Bebe Rhexa

  5. Silence Speaks – Brooke Eden

  6. Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

  7. Gimme Something Good – Ryan Adams

  8. Burning House – CAM

  9. Automatic – Miranda Lambert

  10. Little Red Wagon – Miranda Lambert

  11. Stop Dragging My Heart Around – Fleetwood Mac

  12. You’re Not Sorry – Taylor Swift

  13. Kerosene – Miranda Lambert

  14. Better Dig Two – The Band Perry

  15. Done – The Band Perry

  16. Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave – Hayden Panettiere (Nashville)

  17. Dirty Laundry – Carrie Underwood

  18. Cowboy Casanova – Carrie Underwood

  19. Try – Pink

  20. Blowing Smoke – Kacey Musgraves

  21. Gonna Getcha Good – Shania Twain

  22. Bright – Echosmith

  23. Light of Day – Aubrie Sellers

  24. Love Me Like You Mean It – Kelsea Ballerini

  25. Love Somebody – Maroon 5

  26. All Around Me – Fly Leaf

  27. Wrong Song – Hayden Panettiere

  28. Thousand Years – Christina Perri

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