November 27, 2017 ALMOST REAL THINGS MAGAZINE  "She has a charming take on whirling country infused with the catchy lyrics and upbeat tunes of pop music. “Mysterious Boy” is a feel good song for sure."

November 26, 2017 ODDNUGGET "This is Swift in her earlier days, Miley as Montana…Mysterious Boy” is meant to entertain and it does this well"

November 22, 2017  THIS IS NOT RADIO  "In the musical realm of country pop, her music has a twang and urban appeal

November 15, 2017 WITHGUITARS.COM   "Let Paige rock out your world with her infusion of dreamy pop-rock with a deliberate country twist today

November 13, 2017  HUFF POST Exclusive Music Video Premiere: “Mysterious Boy” – Shaniah Paige Enchants With Magnetic Country-Pop

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