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Living A Double Life....

Life at Monmouth College - Roll Scot

Who am I? I mean its a secret I would love to tell..

I am sitting in my college dorm (holy cow I’m a junior already???), I am putting together the right words to say and how I want to present myself to the world a true picture of Shaniah Paige. I am 21 year old girl trying to find a place in this world (yep, I love T Swift). I am a full time student at Monmouth College - Roll Scots - but that is not all I am. I am also a indie pop singer/songwriter who loves the power of music.

I have been in the music industry going on six years and wow has it been a journey of a lifetime. With ups, and of course the downs, it is experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. From the people I have met, sang with, wrote with, and just jammed in my living room with, I have created memories that are much different from the average 21 year old girl.

People ask me.. “How do you do it?” “What is your biggest challenge?” and honestly my answer is always the same. I LOVE IT! When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I have had so many positive impacts on people’s lives and that is truly why I do what I do. When I was 18, I got inspire tattooed on my foot (ouch!) with a diamond next to it. For me it is a constant reminder that I do what I do to inspire people to follow their dreams and to always stay strong.

The industry can be a scary place, but it is the outcome that makes it all worth it! Being a full-time student has been a challenge, but I chose this double life of being a student and a musician to only help the outcome that is to come.

When I was in high school, I gave up sports to better my music. I went from playing every single weekend, sometimes twice a weekend, to spending my summers opening for some of the biggest artists in country music. I started out as country, but now transitioning into pop. As a grow older, I find that my style is changing, I am maturing, and pop music honestly speaks to me.

Back to school….. after I graduate, I want to hit the big city, cause man I love it so much. I am currently working towards a Business degree to help me better understand the ropes behind the entertainment industry. I cannot wait to see the opportunities that are going to arise for me.

Bottom line is, living this double life has a been a positive experience for me. It has helped me grow and find myself. It is possible to live your dreams while also pursuing an education. It is all worth it.

Stay tuned for more blogs from me :)

With love, Shaniah Paige

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Unknown member
Nov 15, 2018

Alan Hatfield, I would love that. Can you send my your information through my manager Jill Pavel at


Alan Hatfield
Alan Hatfield
Nov 15, 2018

Would love to hear you live in Houston, TX ... from a Monmouth grad.

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