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Wake Up and Make UP

Honestly, one of my fav hobbies is trying new makeup ideas, watching tutorials on the latest eyeshadow trends, and honestly just getting creative. 

However, with doing your makeup comes finding the products that work for YOU and that you ENJOY using until the last little bit is left. 

I want to share with you some of my all time FAV products and brands to use that I swear by when doing my makeup..

For real though, if I could pick my favorite piece of makeup, it would always be MASCARA! Something about lashes looking ‘fleek’ that makes you feel like you can conquer the world — I use Marc Jacobs mascara & I SWEAR by it. I already have naturally long lashes, but this mascara makes them appear even longer & fuller!!Eyeshadow — always essential when having eye makeup that POPS. My favorite pallet is the Peach pallet by Too Faced. One thing that I have absolutely fell in love with over this past year is the beauty blender. This little sponge has been a life savor & will blend your foundation to perfect that natural look. Of course every makeup look has to have the final touch which is LIPGLOSS! My all time favorite lipgloss is the Metallic Rose Gloss by Anastasia Beverly Hills. DEF recommend. Before beginning my look, I apply a thin layer of the photo finish foundation primer by Smashbox and I finalize my look with the Arbonne setting spray. Definite MUST HAVES. BRONZER & BLUSH — For bronzer, I use Park Ave Princess by Tarte and for blush, I use Pink Rose by FIT me! Eyeliner — tbh, I use literally ANYTHING. Whatever works for you & makes you feel like a beauty queen is perfect. :)

These are just a few of the products that I use when trying different makeup looks! If you are wanting more, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (@shaniahpaige) for more tutorials and see what other beauty products I use! Be sure to follow my makeup insta page (@shaniahpaige_beauty) for even more inside looks that YOU can try! 

Love always,


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